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The UK’s Scariest Scream Park!

Halloween Season 2019 Attractions

The Parlour
The Parlour The Parlour Join our seance for a spirited welcome to Scare Kingdom. Will the spirits communicate a message from beyond, or will you be singled out inside The Parlour?Book Tickets
The Parlour
The Paradise Foundation
The Paradise Foundation The Paradise Foundation Happy but broke? Rich but unhappy? No problem… Our treatment ambassadors will ensure that you are never quite the same person again, but remember, paradise comes at a price… Are you a patron or a provider in The Paradise Foundation?Book Tickets
The Paradise Foundation
Manormortis - Borley Rectory
Manormortis - Borley Rectory Manormortis - Borley Rectory The hauntings of Britain’s most famous Ghost Story – Borley Rectory, come vividly to life in four dimensions as the phantom nun Marie Lairre and her hoard of hauntings take control of the old Haxenghast mansion in Manormortis – Borley Rectory. Book Tickets
Manormortis - Borley Rectory
Body Snatchers - Sweeney Todd
Body Snatchers - Sweeney Todd Body Snatchers - Sweeney Todd The infamous demon barber has taken up residence inside the old cellars of Brimstone & Black’s funeral parlour. Take a seat for a close shave, but beware… Mrs Lovett has a taste for blood and her meat pies need stuffing in Body Snatchers – Sweeney Todd. Book Tickets
Body Snatchers - Sweeney Todd
The Hoodening
The Hoodening The Hoodening The mysterious hoodeners and the Mollie Queen invite you into their pre-Christian blind ritual in The Hoodening. Hold on tightly to the rope that guides you, it is your only hope of escape from this sensory-deprived folk-horror inspired scare experience. Book Tickets
The Hoodening
Blitz! Blitz! Step back in time to 1943 where a deserted chapel provides sanctuary from the bombs of world war 2. Grab a searchlight to light your path through the foggy darkness as you make your way through the twilight world of Blitz!Book Tickets
Psychomanteum - Trick or Treat?
Psychomanteum - Trick or Treat? Psychomanteum - Trick or Treat? The world-renowned scare entertainment experience returns with an all-new unique one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum is shocking and graphic in equal measure. Will you receive a trick or a treat? Psychomanteum – TRICK OR TREAT? admits guests aged 18+ only. Proof of age is required. Additional charge of £6.00 per body applies. Book Tickets
Psychomanteum - Trick or Treat?
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Halloween Season 2019Selected nights October 4th - November 2nd

Scare Kingdom Scream Park, in Lancashire, UK, is the UK’s top rated Halloween attraction, offering guests the ultimate Halloween experience combining live scareactors, special effects and heart-pumping thrills, across all-new scare attractions and experiences!

Join our spirit séance inside The Parlour, where a perfectly executed fright welcomes you to Scare Kingdom Scream Park. Transform into the ‘very best version of you’ at The Paradise Foundation, but remember, paradise comes at a price, are you a patron or a provider? Experience Britain’s most famous ghost story inside Manormortis – Borley Rectory, where the phantom nun and her ghostly company make ‘high spirits’ in the old Victorian mansion. Grab a searchlight and enter the blackout of Blitz! inside an old deserted chapel. Meet the demon barber in his new lair in the cellars of Brimstone & Black’s funeral parlour in Body Snatchers – Sweeney Todd. Take part in an ancient folk ritual inside a sensory-deprived experience The Hoodening. The world-renowned scare entertainment experience Psychomanteum returns with an all-new one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum – Trick or Treat? admits guests aged 18+ only. Additional charge applies.

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"if you want to be truly scared I really recommend Scare Kingdom, I’m scarred for life!"

JESS IMPIAZZI, Celebrity Big Brother

"something scary, f**king yes!"

GAZ BEADLE, Geordie Shore

"it was so much fun, I’ve not stopped laughing!"


"I’m terrified, I think a bit of wee just came out!"


"the best Halloween ever"

ELLIE YOUNG, Big Brother

"Seriously the best experience EVER!"


"if you are a thrill-seeker this place is for you!"


"Scare Kingdom is really clever, just when you think it's safe and it can't get scarier it does!"

TUPELE DORGU, Coronation Street

"it frightened the sh*t out of me"


"we’re all still alive, thank goodness for that!"

MATT BAKER, TV Presenter

"Literally the scariest thing I’ve ever done! So fun!"

JASMIN WALIA, The Only Way is Essex

"What a terrifyingly hilarious evening! I laughed and cried"


"the best scare I have ever had in my life. Wow"

JAKE ROCHE, Emmerdale

"Scare Kingdom… does exactly what it says on the tin! Brilliant"

JIMMY ESSEX, Hollyoaks

"That is genuinely scary!"


"Absolutely recommended!"


"this attraction is as objectively terrifying as it gets"

POLLY ALLEN, Horrorbox

"incredibly strong haunts and characters"

JAMES COLLINS, Scareflix & Thrill

"a brilliant evening full of scares and fun"

AMBER BARRETT, Parks, Scares & Glitter

"Scare Kingdom Scream Park is a must see for those who dare"

PAUL HORNBY, Terror Attractions

"Without doubt this is Lancashire’s finest scare maze"


"the whole experience from beginning to end is terrifying but exhilarating"


"Scare Kingdom was absolutely incredible"

TIM DEVES, Controllers & Creds

"by far the most amazing scare experience in the UK, if not the world"


BIGGER, BADDER & SCARIER!from £18.00 Per Body! (+bf)

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Halloween Season 2019 will open its doors on selected nights between October 4th and November 2nd 2019.

Tickets are available from £18.00 per body (+bf) if booked online in advance. A limited number of tickets will be available on the door, from £24.00 per body.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park is located at Mrs Dowson’s Farm Park in Lancashire, UK.

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Interactive Encounters

Alongside the scare mazes, Streetmosphere characters roam the park providing interactive encounters with guests… Catch a moment of Hollywood glamour with our selfie-obsessed movie starlet Demi Monde, join the rebellion with The Freed Radical and meet Grim & Saggy, our delightfully dirty park Uncleaners! Recover in our licensed bar which serves food and beverages.

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