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We are continually seeking talented and passionate individuals to bring Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s various attractions and productions to life.

If you are a professional or amateur performer, or you just love scaring people, then we want to hear from you!

Scare Kingdom Scream Park performers, known as ‘scareactors’ come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some are classically trained actors, some are seasoned amateurs, and many are just passionate about the horror genre. Each brings something different to the park, and all are equally welcome. Scareactors are booked to appear in our attractions on a freelance basis and are paid for their services.

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Saturday 29th September REHEARSAL
Sunday 30th September REHEARSAL
Thursday 4th October DRESS REHEARSAL
Friday 5th October PRESS NIGHT
Saturday 6th October
Thursday 11th October
Friday 12th October
Saturday 13th October
Sunday 14th October
Thursday 18th October
Friday 19th October
Saturday 20th October
Sunday 21st October
Wednesday 24th October
Thursday 25th October
Friday 26th October
Saturday 27th October
Sunday 28th October
Monday 29th October
Tuesday 30th October
Wednesday 31st October
Thursday 1st November
Friday 2nd November
Saturday 3rd November
Sunday 4th November

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