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Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2017 Review
by Polly Allen, Horrorbox

Now in its ninth year of fear, Scare Kingdom Scream Park has thrown open it’s gates once more, inviting guests to experience seven terrifying attractions in sequence (assuming they make it to the end). Combining live scareactors with special effects and jaw-dropping sets, plus roaming characters and a fully licensed bar, the UK’s top-rated scream park never fails to deliver on Halloween fun. So breathe in the cold night air and brace yourself for an evening of terror; the season of screams is upon us, and Scare Kingdom awaits you with fervent anticipation. And if you literally can’t imagine anything worse, then simply read on to experience vicariously…


As we entered the waiting area, listening to the usual shrieks and screams seeping out from behind the black curtain, I became aware of a new sound; something I’d never heard from that room before, and couldn’t quite place.

We promptly lined up and were treated to a Scare Kingdom style welcome, where we soon discovered the source of the unusual noise. Unlike last year where the first character’s theming didn’t fully translate, an effective backdrop and word of an escaped clown was enough to get things going in this scene.

A great element of sLAUGHTER! was the way in which the opening character kicked off a sort of ‘scareactor relay’: an introduction to the next character we’d meet, and so on. This was a great way of linking different areas of the park together.

The Sickness 2: High Hopes Hospital

My favourite attraction from last year is back! A newly built facade really added to the excitement as we approached. We were warned of the unspeakable experiments being carried out in High Hopes Hospital, and the terrifying sights we would encounter. The script really delivered here in terms of amping-up the sense of dread.

Our adrenaline was pumping as we navigated the foul wards, and I felt completely immersed in the environment; a seamless combination of nasty sights, sounds and smells portrayed the appalling conditions of the hospital.

Positioning was everything this year, as most impact scares seemed to target the front of our group. The bed scene passed us by a little bit, but the scares came thick and fast as we entered the ‘isolation chamber’. The finale utilised a classic, albeit somewhat formulaic scare tactic. But they’re classics for a reason – the formula works.

Manormortis Ghostkeeper

Resplendent in gothic detail and alive with technical wizardry, the custom-built Manormortis is the dark jewel in Scare Kingdom’s crown. This year, it featured an eccentric collector of ghosts, with each room serving as a space to exhibit his supernatural treasures.
As expected with more of a narrative-driven experience, the actors stole the show. The girl on the stairs gave a chilling performance; costume, lighting, soundtrack and movement all came together to create a perfect moment which was both scary and beautiful in equal measure.
Speaking of scareactors, the actor in the furnace room deserves a special mention. He made a great effort to keep the scene moving amidst heckling and constant interruptions from an inconsiderate group.


Following the larger sets and wordy script of Manormortis Ghostkeeper was Prey, the opposite in many ways. Prey was a series of jump scares in rapid succession, in a darkened environment. This created a nice contrast.

This attraction made efficient use of tight spaces to create a sense of unease, and the vampires lurking within were well positioned. Scares came from the sides, which created more opportunities to scare the middle and back of the group.

Short but effective, Prey was a fun sideshow which kept the energy up between the larger attractions.

Body Snatchers

In this attraction, the opening scene alone was enough of an indication that we were in for something special. We walked onto a stunning set, themed to cinematic standards, clearly created with great care and attention to detail. Our opening actor was so engaging and convincing, he elevated the scene even further. I was beyond sold before we even began.

Themed around ‘Brimstone & Black’s Funeral Parlour’, Body Snatchers was a chilling journey through classic horror aesthetics. Its gorgeously gothic intro soon gave way to an unpredictable medley of shocks, as we encountered more than just corpses once we ventured into the cellar. The actors revelled in our terror and the momentum didn’t drop for a second.

At one point, part of our group was held back, so attention could be focused a little more precisely with some great target scares. Overall, this attraction delivered the best scares of the night, by far. An amazing experience which will be hard to top this season.

Black Widow

A hooded maze creates opportunities for outlandish theming, as long as the theme can be executed via the remaining senses. And what could be more outlandish than some 8-legged beasties?

This attraction utilised some great physical effects on our hands and arms as we blindly followed the rope to safety. I didn’t notice any effects from above; I thought there might be something dangling to brush our heads and the tops of our shoulders, to give the illusion of a web.

Black Widow was delightfully spooky, but as with last year’s hooded maze, it serves as the finale to the scream park (Psychomanteum is an add-on) yet doesn’t really deliver a thrilling climax. That being said, its oddball nature made it a fun addition to the line-up.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2017 Review
by James Collins, Scareflix & Thrill

With nine years under its belt, Scare Kingdom descends once more on Mrs Dowson’s Farm, where all sorts of evil creatures stalk the darkness…


As with all Scare Kingdom Halloween events, the first stop is to a small intro scene that sets the tone and gets you ready for the scares ahead – this year, Billy Redneck (a famed killer clown hunter) welcomes you to the mayhem, with a brilliant special effect that really packs a punch!


New last year, High Hopes Hospital is a sequel in the The Sickness “franchise”. Hosted by Doctors Lockjaw and Van der Blood, this extremely theatrical haunt will blow you away from the fascia sitting outside as you approach and the dank corridors hidden within, to the creepy and alluring way the actors manage to portray themselves, this fun haunt is a great expansion on what was laid out last year.


Manormortis is definitely a treasure to behold in the haunt industry: it’s beautiful, so incredibly themed within, and the numerous immersive stories that are told within it almost feel like American Horror Story’s Murder House; the only thing I can fault with it is that the entrance isn’t decorated to be a grand manor house like High Hopes Hospital! As with all Manormortis haunts, it is extremely theatrical and has a great mix of story and scares that blend together greatly to completely immerse and lose you in its world! Got to give recognition to the female in the finale – that scream is terrifying!


Following the grace and beauty of Manormortis is no easy feat, and unfortunately I feel like Prey doesn’t even try to stand up. Themed around vampires, the external theming sees the building turn into a beautiful chapel that looms over the audience as they approach, almost giving off a hauntingly forboding atmosphere on its own; however when you step inside, the complete lack of theming really ruins the attraction. What could have been a beautifully creepy attraction turned out to be a haunt that relies completely on jump scares every few feet that become predictable and boring by the time you are half way through. Don’t get me wrong, the pitch-black walls press in on you greatly and create this sense of creeping claustrophobia, but so much can be done with it as we saw in 2015 – I really hope it returns to that soon.


Brand new this year, and the most anticipated haunt at Scare Kingdom, you are invited inside Brimstone & Black funeral parlour where not everything is as it should be. This is honestly on par with Manormortis with regards to storytelling, and the scenery and costuming is absolutely beautiful and really fits the theme. There are a number of effects and scares dotted throughout that are sure to catch you off guard, though most of the scares were aimed toward the front… until the finale, which is guaranteed to get you no matter how brave you are! Definitely the strongest haunt at Scare Kingdom this year!


The last of the boo haunts is Black Widow – a hooded haunt themed to arachnophobia. The set up was really quick and fun, but as soon as the hood is on and you enter the haunt, it loses momentum: from the constant “are you scared of spiders?” being yelled to what’s obviously hands grabbing you, it’s more fun than scary. Having to run your hand over something furry/spiny to make it feel like you’re brushing against a spider, or parts of the rope covered in something sticky to feel like web would definitely add something, hanging lengths of string from the ceiling to simulate strands of web, and even a leg tickler section would really add that little extra that it’s missing at the moment.

What can I say? Scare Kingdom has really pulled it out of the bag once again, and I’m glad that I returned once again this year. If you’ve got a free weekend, I definitely suggest a visit!

Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2017 Review
by Amber Barrett, Parks, Scares & Glitter

Now as you guys know I’m no stranger to a visit to Scare Kingdom Scream Park and very much have a soft spot for it but I’ve never been to the scream park at Halloween so was excited for my first visit here. I’ve heard so many good things about this place at Halloween, so was excited to experience the 6 attractions available. With an add on attraction that you can do after if you want as it’s an 18+ attraction which well get into later.

We arrive in the car park at what looks like a farm but has nice big signs for the scream park and creepy music is playing as you enter the car park. We had to leave our bags in our car and we went to enter the park. As we went to get in meet a lovely character called Dougie. Now he’s a character. He’s absolutely hilarious and was great to interact with. He is a grave digger, with his flat cap, spade and pipe in mouth he interacted with our group for a good 15 mins. He was so funny and was after business as it had seemed to dry up at this time of year! He was a cheeky and brilliant character to meet and a great start to our evening.

We then went to get our tickets scanned, had our photo taken and waited to be called in. Now this park works slightly different to other scream parks as you don’t choose the order you do the mazes, you follow the pathways round and then you do each attraction as you come to them. Now some of the attractions were just one room, some were longer and some slightly shorter than others. All very different attractions as well. Then our group was called in to the first room…

The first introduction and welcome to the park was Slaughter. This was a short, sharp shock attraction. We were greeted by a cowboy like character, Billy Redneck, who is a killer clown hunter and he was looking for Mr Bang Bang. He, unfortunately, mistook us for him and fired at us! This was a great introduction and got us as it was so powerful and unexpected. We then exit the room, but we were greeted by a clown like character who interacted with us and wanted to be our friends and played hide and seek with us! Great little introduction. Really liked this as was a lovely introduction, brief but packed a punch. Great acting and the finale was really felt and got us all! Brilliant start to our journey.

Next up was The Sickness 2: High Hopes Hospital. We walked round to the attraction with a clown friend following us… until we played hide and seek with him and he left us aha, nice added touch. Then we arrived at the attraction, walked up to this large hospital facade and waited and it was not long before one of the doctors/nurses came out, interacted with us, greeted us and took us in and explained to us what they are up to in there. The best line of the night had to be when he said to some of us ‘Don’t like you’, Brilliant…. Then we entered the hospital. This is where it all started to kick off. We meet another doctor character and he was not happy at all. Then we walked through the hospital, passing patients, nurses etc. The scares came out of no-where in this attraction and I was constantly screaming and we got split up at some point to which I did not expect and we all ended up running out of the attraction. Such a brilliant attraction. I was terrified, plenty of screams as well and this was an incredibly strong attraction. Everything was great in here from beginning to end. The actors were fantastic and lively. The scares were spot on and came when you least expected it to, I came out running which was unexpected too! I still have not worked out what I was chased with! I found it creepy, terrifying in places, disgusting and the actors and scares were brilliant. The sets and atmosphere were great in here as well and I felt like I was in a chaotic hospital! This was my favourite maze here too! Well done guys brilliant job!

Next up was Manormortis: Ghostkeeper. Now I’m no stranger to this attraction but it had a different story this time. We walked round to the entrance and a few moments later we are greeted by a character, an older slightly posh gentleman, who invited us in where he shows us a collection of antiques in the house that should not of been built. He then invites us to explore the house where ghosts and all sorts were after us! We meet a fair few different characters along the way, from a lively washing lady to people who really did not want us there! As we meet different people and made our way through, things go more and more sinister, the ghosts and creatures wanted us! As we thought we got away from them all a safe place to sit, we were wrong and then we were walked out. The finale to this attraction is brilliant and is terrifying as well as you feel so vulnerable too. This attraction is another strong attraction full of interaction. They were not afraid to be in your personal space either! The scares were non-stop in here as well (damn those drop panels) They came from all sorts places to and unexpected places too (like a draw) just amazing. Really enjoyed this attraction full of scares, terrifying, just brilliant. The sets in here are stunningly beautiful, the actors were spot on like. We were being followed throughout, the scares were perfect and non-stop and the atmosphere in here to was creepy and sinister fantastic job again!

Next up was Prey. We walked round and came up to this large church facade. It was huge and looked amazing. We walked up to the church entrance and waited. Not too long and we were then greeted by a priest and he invited us in to his chapel where he warned us about the vampires that lurk within and that we were going to try and escape the blood thirsty creatures inside. We made our way through corridors of the church, with dark patches and narrow walkways, all while the creatures lurked over us and appearing out of no-where over us and had most of us screaming too! Full of great actors, scares came think and fast too and felt nervous walking round the attraction as well, again really enjoyed this attraction full of scares and screams to.

Next up was Body Snatchers. We walked to the entrance where we were greeted by a ballerina creature. I’ve never laughed so much before. Such a brilliantly hilarious start. Then we entered the attraction to this huge facade to what was the funeral parlour and Mr Black seemed most pleased to see us. He then invited us in to his parlour. We made our way through corridors, the cellar etc meeting a range of trapped souls and creatures too. The scares came thick and fast in here and they really came from places you did not expect. There were points where it was pitch black, we were seperated and we were chased out! Damn chainsaws! The actors were fantastic in here. Scares thick and fast and caught you off guard. The sets and theming in here were the best out of all the attractions. It had leg ticklers (I hate these) so unexpected, and I was terrified and was shaking after. Such a brilliant attraction. Brilliant job again in here guys as i was really blown away by it.

Next up was our last attraction of the night was Black Widow. We walked up to the attraction and were greeted by a woman who explained to us she had the venom from the 8-legged creatures and that we were about to meet them. This attraction was a hooded attraction as well, so as the lady was speaking to us she gave us hoods to protect our eyes and we were told to follow the rope till the end. Now this very much played on your fear of spiders (yes that’s me). You followed a rope, people were grabbing your legs, brushing your hands, a net dropped on us as well and I found this quite horrendous as I have a big fear of spiders. It was a good attraction and had a few scares to and lead you into the bar area and to Psychomanteum. Nice end to the evening and they did a good job in there.

Overall I had a fantastic evening at Scare Kingdom and if you can get up there I say do it! You won’t be disappointed at all and can’t wait for my next visit. It was a brilliant evening full of scares, fun and fantastic story telling as well in each attraction. I left Scare Kingdom with a smile on my face wanting to come back again! Thank you so much for a great evening and you’ll see me back again at Christmas.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2017 Review
by Tim Deves, Controllers & Creds

Everyone knows I am one of the biggest Scare Kingdom fanboys out there. I absolutely love what the creative team at AtmosFear do and I really appreciate their theatrical flair. This is my third year running visiting Scare Kingdom, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The line-up featured some of my old favourites, while also introducing me to some new experiences. How did it match up to previous years? Find out below…


Killer clowns are all the rage at the moment, what with the recent release of IT. sLAUGHTER! is Scare Kingdom’s attempt at capitalising on the hype with some brave new concepts. While it’s very much a short sharp shock to the system, rather than a full-fledged maze, sLAUGHTER! is a great laugh!

You may be thinking that there’d be clowns galore inside this attraction, considering the theme. Oh no, no no! sLAUGHTER! subverts your expectations by featuring absolutely zero clowns. You may be asking, how is this a clown haunt then? Well, this attraction features a trigger-happy ‘killer clown hunting redneck’ and yes he is just as hilarious as he sounds!

sLAUGHTER! contains a good balance of laughs and scares, with an engaging character and a truly impressive special effect. While it’s relatively simple, it still managed to get some good screams from my group! After all, who doesn’t love being at the barrel end of a crazed clown hunter. Just as well I wasn’t in a group of killer clowns I guess!

These introductory scenes always start the night off on a strong note, preparing you for what’s about to come. sLAUGHTER! is no different and is probably my favourite of the three I’ve experienced so far! With some bright and colourful scenery combined with a great character and scare, I feel this is the strongest intro to Scare Kingdom so far!

The Sickness 2: High Hopes Hospital

Sequels in the world of horror often fall curse to the dreaded sequilitus. Thankfully, in the case of The Sickness 2, the sequel doesn’t just live up to the standards of the original but actually surpasses it. I am a huge fan of the original Sickness, but this one feels more refined with a greater level of scares.

It would be wrong not to mention the sheer level of acting talent in this maze. This year the characters within the attraction have totally lost their minds to the sickness that’s ravaging the wards. It’s almost as if the doors have been sealed shut since the original outbreak and nobody has been allowed in or out.

This new approach to the characterisation of the staff has made for some truly unforgettable encounters. Your introduction to the experience has to be one of the strongest first impressions out there! This particular encounter featured a lively doctor, insisting that I lick the brain, which he held in his hands. It was hilarious, and ridiculously unnerving, especially due to the rabid intensity of the actor portraying this particular doctor.

As with last year, The Sickness perfectly balances theatrical scenes with some incredibly intense scares. Classics such as the sleepers ward return, bringing back a much-appreciated sense of dread.

Alongside this there are new additions, which feel totally at home within the sickness. I absolutely loved their use of the laser fog effect, which has taken over the scare industry this year. Here it fits in with the medical theme and while its use was simple, the scare was incredibly effective!

I utterly lost count of the sheer amount of scares within The Sickness. While Manormortis and Body Snatchers certainly pack a punch, The Sickness reigns supreme when it comes to scares at Scare Kingdom. And that’s without taking into consideration the hectic finale, which once again felt like a hellish game of pinball. I just love how the actors force you down multiple paths only to bounce you back to your original isle. It’s so confusing, but works so well you’ll inevitably ignore the rattling off the oncoming chainsaw until it’s too late…

I know it’s unlikely, but after leaving me with such a strong impression for the second year running, I can’t help but hope we will see the High Hopes Hospital return for one more year! Van der Blood and Lockwood may not be the most professional of clinicians, but they sure know how to treat their visitors with class!

Manormortis: Ghostkeeper

It never fails to impress me how Scare Kingdom keep Manormortis feeling fresh each run-through. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a dank, rotting corpse of a house, but still it feels so alive thanks to the spirit of creativity of the AtmosFEAR! team. Ghostkeeper is exemplary of this spirit and is undoubtedly one of my favourite experiences to lay rest within Manormortis.

This year a ghastly collection of curiosities has taken over the mansion, unleashing a hoard of supernatural spectres from all around the globe. It’s a dramatic plot, which has worked wonders for this attraction, enabling such a varied experience. I absolutely loved the mixture of folklore in this one. I never expected to see Santa Muerte feature in the same attraction as a possessed Japanese geisha and for them to work so seamlessly together.

Like with all AtmosFEAR! attractions, the characters were the life and soul of the experience. Being theatrical in nature, the attraction really drew me into its ghoulish world. Each interaction with the characters offered something unique and often disturbing. I feel Scare Kingdom are treading new grounds with some of the scares including audience interaction. I particularly loved my encounter with the sinister gentleman in the study with his chair. To say any more would ruin the twist, but wow this scene was completely unexpected.

As much as the plot provided plenty of thrills, the physical scares blew me away. I’ve seen everything Manormortis has to offer with regards to scare opportunities, but never before have I seen a cast so well timed as to execute the vast majority of them! We’re talking a constant onslaught throughout the mansion. Once again I received my favourite drawer scare, alongside the ever-chilling wine cellar attack.

I know I always say this after each consecutive run, but Manormortis really does just keep improving! I don’t know how it’s possible, but Scare Kingdom repeatedly reinvent this attraction year on year, putting a fresh new spin on it every time it opens its dusty doors.


Prey is this year’s replacement for House of Gaunt. While it features an entirely new plot, the core of the attraction remains the same. This maze focuses heavily on jump scares over building an immersive atmosphere. While the façade for Prey is breathtakingly gorgeous, once inside the experience returns to the dark claustrophobic corridors we encountered last year.

While I appreciate the need for a scare intense experience, I find it odd that it’s been placed between two of the best themed attractions in the UK. Thankfully the scares are plentiful and kept me engaged throughout.

It’s impressive just how claustrophobic this attraction can get. You can barely see your surroundings as you squeeze through tight dark passages, which unsurprisingly are lined with actors. I was very impressed with just how well directed these actors were. Never did the timing feel off, and the entire line received their fair share of scares. Unfortunately, while I did get caught off-guard, it felt like I was experiencing the same scare over and over. The entire attraction revolves around vampires terrorising you from behind curtains. It certainly works, but I can’t help feeling that this was a missed opportunity.

A little more variety within the attraction would’ve gone a long way. Sure a short claustrophobic dark section is always good fun, but it wears out its welcome when it’s the entire experience. There’s just no alteration to the formula here, which is made more apparent by the lack of an ending. There was such a strong narrative spun by the spectacular vampire hunter at the beginning that it feels a real shame the plot was absent in the following scenes.

Don’t get me wrong; I still had fun within Prey. Just not as much fun as I could have had. I totally get it, this isn’t meant to be an elaborate attraction. It’s all about the thrills. In that aspect it certainly delivered. I just wish there had been more variety and more theming. As it stands, I don’t feel the concept for Prey has been fully executed, which is a real shame.

I yearn for the days of Arcanum, a classic from Scare Kingdom’s vaults which whilst noticeably shorter than Prey, felt more substantial. It was truly creative and packed a punch due to its ever-evolving scares. I hate to sound so down on Prey as I genuinely love Scare Kingdom as an event; I just feel Prey didn’t fit in with the rest of the stellar line-up this year.

Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers is the main focus of Scare Kingdom this year, being entirely new from the ground up! It’s not often that I’m left speechless, but Body Snatchers genuinely managed to shake me. There’s so much going on inside this attraction, that it’s hard to take it all in at once. This maze itself justifies a repeat visit to Scare Kingdom alone! I dare say it’s one of my favourite attractions AtmosFEAR! have ever produced. This Victorian funeral parlour does not disappoint, even with all the hype it had!

As with all Scare Kingdom attractions, the theming of this experience is unparalleled. The façade of the Brimstone and Blacks Funeral Parlour spans two floors with actors interacting on both levels. As the set looms above you, you can’t help but become totally immersed in the deeply gothic setting. I absolutely love how thick the atmosphere is laid on and how the morbid ambience is omnipresent throughout the entire experience. Manormortis may be the queen of theming in the UK scare industry, but she better watch out, because Body Snatchers is coming for her crown!

Like Manormortis, Body Snatchers is very plot centric, with the first half being incredibly theatrical. The narrative is intriguing and helps to build up tension in preparation for the all-out insanity that is the second half. I really enjoyed the sinister characterisation of Mr Black (thankfully not that one) and how noticeable quirks in his behaviour suggested something unsightly was occurring in the depths of the cellar.

Of course, before long the inhabitants of the funeral parlour revealed that we’d made a mistake in choosing Brimstone and Blacks as our preferred undertaker. What appeared to be a peaceful room of rest ended up with half my group screaming at the surprise that awaited us in the coffin. As we journeyed towards the cellar to uncover the truth as to what was happening at Brimstone and Black’s we encountered a fair share of drop panels and impact scares. While this first section was certainly intense, it was nothing compared to what we were about to face!

A short theatrical scene played out as we discovered the disturbing fate of the bodies that arrive at the funeral parlour. Let’s just say if you don’t fancy your skin getting snatched then you should probably choose an alternative funeral provider.

From this point on, you’re funnelled into the darkness of the cellar, leading your way through an intense maze full to the brim with actors. This scene was terrifying as it really played with darkness in some unique ways, ensuring that everyone got a good jump in. You then progress into some neat little scenes involving fabric walls, which actors reach through. While this has been used before at Scare Kingdom, it’s never been as full on as this. I was genuinely caught off guard, which absolutely shocked me. Your group proceeds to get split up into smaller chunks, making you an easier target for the final few scenes. Before long you’re out into a chainsaw finale, which has you running for the exit.

Body Snatchers is a perfect addition to the Scare Kingdom line-up. It’s long and theatrical but also surprisingly intense at points! It utilises some new techniques for Scare Kingdom, that really surprised me with their usage. I for one hope we see Body Snatchers as a standard feature in the Scare Kingdom line-up for years to come.

Black Widow

I never really know quite what to make of hooded haunts. They are interesting experiences, but I never seem to genuinely get frightened in them. Last year Scare Kingdom experimented with the genre within Black Death. This experience utilised multiple different techniques to derive scares from the different senses. It was a fascinating experience that I truly enjoyed but wasn’t necessarily scared by.

This year Black Widow dramatically ups the scare ratio with more contact and actor interaction. I definitely appreciate this move, as it’s certainly needed in a hooded haunt, but do question some of the means. As much as I loved the creepy, ticklish leg grabbing, I couldn’t help but wonder why somebody kept asking me if I was afraid of spiders. Sure it’s an attraction themed around a toxic spiders web, but I feel the reliance on this phrase drew me away from the experience slightly. Aside from this, the scares were still enjoyable. I absolutely love how unique some of the sensory aspects are within Black Widow, especially those, which interact with your hand while you’re following the rope.

Black Widow is yet another fascinating experiment in hooded scares from Scare Kingdom. They’ve managed to create some really unique sensations in this attraction, which should become commonplace in other hooded attractions. At this point in time, I’d love to see Scare Kingdom expand their closing haunt into a fully-fledged narrative hooded experience, similar to that seen with Molly Crowe at Alton Towers. Scare Kingdom certainly have the talent and know how to do a hooded haunt justice. If they could combine their narrative prowess with their penchant for innovative hooded scares, we’d be in for a real treat! Let’s hope we see this happen over the coming years!

Ultimately, this is another stellar year for Scare Kingdom. I honestly think it’s the best yet! The four main experiences (The Sickness, Manormortis, Body Snatchers and Psychomanteum) were outstanding and each offered something drastically different from the one before. There’s just so much to see and experience in each attraction that I really would recommend making a repeat visit to ensure you take it all in. Once again, Scare Kingdom have exceeded my high expectations and have produced some of the best scare experiences I’ve visited all year.


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