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New Actor Applications open 1st May for the '24 season. 

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£15 pph (Over 18s)

Per Performance Hour (pph) means from the start of your first performance to your last.

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Just bring your energy and we’ll train you up to the highest standard.


Whether you are new to scare acting or a seasoned veteran, we deliver onsite training so everyone can work together to create spine-chilling horrors at Scare Kingdom.  

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As well as industry-leading pay, you'll have access to a number of perks from exclusive merchandise to complimentary tickets. 

We also have Team Leader roles available for those looking for career progression.  


Application for Scare Cast 2024 

Rehearsals: 27th & 28th September 2024 & dress rehearsal 3rd October 2024.

Open Selected dates between: 4th October-9th November 2024

Scare Actor Fee: £15 per performance hour (18+) 

Scare Kingdom is looking for lively and energetic performers to bring our scare attractions to life, delivering exciting, engaging, and memorable performances. 

Actors will need to be able to:

  • Adapt to multiple roles at short notice

  • Work in dynamic environments

  • Work during all weather

  • Keep in character at all times

  • Show experience working in a customer-facing role 

  • Maintain excellent communication skills

  • The ability to work both as part of a team

  • The ability to command a room and engage an audience

Quite simply, you'll be working in our fast-moving, high-energy environment. We are looking for people with the best skills, not necessarily the most experience or qualifications.

Roles Available: 

Impact Actors - These are the foundations of Scare Kingdom and the ones that get the most screams! Impact Actors need to be high-energy, self-motivated and hard-working. You will be working in a fast paced environment so you will need to be able to react to the guests, act on feedback have excellent stamina and have strong vocals. Applicants for Impact Actors will be given impact lines and characters on the day to work in one of our attraction. 

Story Tellers - Our Story Tellers set the scene for each attraction. As a Story Teller, you will need to be able to deliver a short script clearly and effectively. You'll be immersing the guests in the storyline and theme of the attraction, whilst keeping pace. Strong characterisation and vocal range are important. Applicants for Story Tellers will be asked to deliver a short script as part of their audition. 

Street Performer - Often used as a relief from the screams, Street Performers are there to entertain the guests as they move through the rest of the park. As a Street Performer, you will need high improvisation skills, excellent characterisation, and the ability to fully immerse yourself for the whole of the performance. Our Street Performers will need to be highly resilient and weatherproof (After all it is October in Lancashire and you'll be outside the whole time!). Applicants for Street Performers will be given a character description and a scenario.


All applicants must be aged 16 years or over. 

Scare Kingdom is based at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park, Longsight Road, Blackburn, Lancashire BB2 7JA


All applicants are responsible for their own transport to and from work for each shift. Roles are offered to actors on a self-employed fee basis, actors invoice for their work and paid no later than 30 days of the park closing. 

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Scare Kingdom team members come from all walks of life, but share a common approach: positivity. Because, we’re not just a collection of employees. We’re a team, a family, and a community that supports one another. Things move fast at Scare Kingdom, whether we’re delivering world-class experiences or helping our people build their futures. Let's be part of something together.

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Applications '24

Applications are open from 1st May '24 to join the team for Halloween 2024.

Applications submitted before this date will not be contacted before 1st May 2024.

Roles applied for (all auditions will include Impact Actor)

Great! Your form has been successfully submitted. We will be in touch with our next audition date as soon as a space becomes available:

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