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Guide to Scare Kingdom Scream Park '23

Celebrating 15 years of spine-tingling thrills at Scare Kingdom. Scare Kingdom has revolutionized the horror industry by crafting its own spine-chilling narratives and characters, while continuously pushing the boundaries of fear. On select nights throughout October, at Mrs. Dowsons Farm Park, you can immerse yourself in hair-raising haunted houses, encounter horrifying creatures in scare zones, and be captivated by mind-bending live performances.

If you're planning your inaugural visit to this eerie park or a local seeking a grander Halloween adventure, this guide will ensure you make the most of your upcoming experience. And to all our devoted Scare Kingdom enthusiasts, please share your event tips in the comments below to assist those embarking on their first frightful journey.

(Proceed ahead, if you dare)

The core of Scare Kingdom lies in its haunted houses. Each year, the scream team breathes life into five terrifying attractions, drawing inspiration from horror trends, historical events, and twisted urban legends, all set within maze-like haunted houses. Additionally, they craft original storylines that have birthed iconic characters over the years. There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than stepping into your very own real-life horror movie, where you take on the role of the victim.


  1. Never Go Alone: Whether you're a bit of a scaredy-cat yourself and need a friend to brave the haunted houses or you're a die-hard fan who enjoys watching your fearful friends jump, the best way to experience Scare Kingdom is with your squad to maximize the scares and fun.

  2. Arrive on Time: We implement timed entry to minimize queues, so arriving early or late can affect the experience for everyone. You'll navigate the attractions in a sequential order, so be prepared upon arrival.

  3. Visit Early: Both in terms of the season and time of day. Early October dates are typically less crowded than peak nights, and choosing early or very late time slots increases your chances of avoiding crowds and exploring more of the haunted houses.

  4. Appreciate the Details: Take a moment to marvel at the meticulous level of detail put into the houses by the Art & Design team. They rival movie sets, and you might even stumble upon hidden Easter eggs.

Street Theatre

During Scare Kingdom, once you're immersed in the experience, nowhere is safe. Marking 15 years of fear, we've resurrected some of the finest street theatre characters and introduced new additions. This year promises even more street theatre interactions than ever before. You'll quite literally find yourself walking through real-life nightmares. Oh, and beware of the roaming chainsaw clowns!


  1. Snap a Photo if You Dare: Keep an eye out for killer photo opportunities that will make your non-attending friends green with envy. Note that photography is not allowed inside the attractions.

  2. Scaredy Cats: If you're a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to all things frightening, be sure to bring a fearless friend along!


Dinner, Snacks & Drinks All that screaming, leaping, and fleeing from fear can be physically demanding. Make sure to refuel for the frights. Elevate your Scare Kingdom experience by sampling the new autumn menu dishes and beverages inspired by this year's event. The Food & Beverage team begins planning the autumn menu a year in advance, utilizing ingredients grown on the farm and locally sourced whenever possible. Expect delightful dishes and treats inspired by the haunted houses, along with specialty drinks designed to enhance the flavors. You can find these offerings in the farmyard during the event.


It's a Separately Ticketed Event To partake in what Scare Kingdom Scream Park has to offer, you must purchase a separate event ticket for your chosen night. If you plan to visit the farm park during the day, take note of the closing time for the event. Some nights tend to sell out, so be sure to secure your tickets early!


If it's your first time attending a nighttime Halloween event at Scare Kingdom, you might be wondering what to bring or wear. In short, pack lightly, dress comfortably, and have some fun with your attire. Here are some common questions we've encountered.

  1. Bag or Rucksack? It's recommended to avoid bags and opt for clothing with zipped pockets to hold your tickets, phone, money, etc. This will expedite security checks, prevent entry refusals (as rucksacks aren't permitted), and save you from lugging a heavy bag around. If you must bring a bag, choose a small fanny pack or crossbody bag and only carry essentials (like chapstick, for instance).

  2. Can I Bring My Own Drinks? Yes, you can bring your own sealed soft drinks to the event. However, alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Getting scared and laughing from fear can make you thirsty, so stay hydrated!

  3. What's the Weather Like? It's Lancashire, and the weather can change suddenly, so be prepared for cold, rainy, or even chilly conditions. Check the forecast ahead of time and dress accordingly. Layering is advisable, and if rain is in the forecast, waterproofs and boots will prevent a soggy experience.

  4. Comfort or Style? Why not a mix of both? You'll be on your feet and walking a lot, so choose comfortable clothing and footwear. However, Scare Kingdom is an ideal place to express your unique style, so don't hesitate to don cute fishnets, boots, or showcase your favorite horror movie or villain with a T-shirt or accessory.

  5. Can I Wear a Costume? No, costumes and costume masks are not permitted at the event. Leave the dressing up to our talented scareactors.

Prepare to confront your deepest fears this Halloween. See you in the eerie mist!

WARNING: This event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for those under the age of 13. Costumes or costume masks are not allowed. You must be 18 years or older with valid identification to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.beverages. Entry may be refused if security staff believe you to be intoxicated or


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