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Mazes Announced

Scare Kingdom Scream Park, one of the most spine-chilling destinations for horror enthusiasts and voted for the UK's Best Scream Park, has just unveiled its latest lineup of scare attractions, and this year, it was all decided by you, the public! From haunted houses to terrifying mazes, here are five blood-curdling scare attractions that have been announced after being voted for by the fearless public:

High Hopes Hospital is at the ‘cutting’ edge of medical research, and undergoing renovation. Under the stewardship of Dr Lockwood, a limited number of 'outsiders' are being invited to the facility to dispel ongoing rumours about what lurks inside.

And you've got a ticket!

This year's attraction has been re-imagined based on the 2016 attraction 'The Sickness', and sees visitors enter the site of gruesome medical experiments.

The land on which the Haxenghast Mansion was originally built dates back to Pagan times when a coven of Witches. The mansion itself was first built in 1313 by the first Lord Haxenghast, it was named ‘Haxenghast House’. In the late Georgian period, strange tales of ghosts at the mansion began to circulate among the local villagers, and the mansion became referred to as ‘The Manor of Death’, as it was believed that many strange disappearances of local villagers was something to do with the inhabitants of the mansion. The house mysteriously reappeared overnight creating huge interest from both the scientific and supernatural communities. Professor Theodora Price from the Institute For Paranormal Research in Oxbridge has been chosen to investigate the strange Manor, and has sent a team of student Parapsychologists to begin their research...but will they make it out alive?

Deep within the trees lies the Chapel of All Hallows where countless unholy events have taken place. The chapel currently holds Followers of the Fallen One, a mysterious entity which draws people towards it. Have you come to join this most unholy order?

Brimstone & Black are Victorian undertakers, their business is set at the end of Knox Alley, London in 1887. Montague Black and Jacob Brimstone are the well respected proprietors and Funeral Directors but rumour has it' they are ‘selling’ bodies of tramps, street beggars, workhouse labourers, asylum patients and prostitutes to medical science. But they are struggling to meet demand and require new 'clients' bodies...

Zozo, in a desperate attempt to save his traveling freak show from bankruptcy makes a deal with the Devil. The deal must go to plan as he harvest the souls from the patrons who enter the establishment.

Select Nights 6th Oct - 4th Nov, 2023

Prepare yourself for a pulse-pounding adventure like no other. Scare Kingdom Scream Park is a world-class attraction, pushing the boundaries of fear for 15 years and leaving you trembling with anticipation.

Mazes that will test your courage and ignite your darkest fears, all with a NEW twist.

Scare Kingdom is not recommended for children under 13.



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